The first step to becoming a VIPKid teacher is to fill out and submit an online application. You will give details of your education and experience.  It's best to be as thorough as possible. The application is quick and only takes a few minutes. You do not need to submit a resume.

You can create you an account HERE.

Your application will be screened to determine whether or not you meet the requirements.

You can review the requirements HERE.

Application Tips:

When filling out your application use the name on your driver's license or I.D.  This will help you later when you are asked to send in your documentation.  All of your documentation should have the same name.  If you have had a name change due to marriage/divorce you will be asked to submit supporting paperwork.


You must click the box that states you have 1+ years of experience working with children.  If you click on anything less, your application will be automatically rejected. 

What happens if I am rejected?

If for any reason your application is rejected you can reapply using a different email or apply again in 3 months using the same email.  Often times applicants are rejected simply because they did not fill the form out correctly.  If your application is rejected please EMAIL ME and I can help you reapply. It's usually something that's easily fixed.  The #1 reason the application is rejected is because the applicant did not choose the box that states they have 1+ years of teaching experience.

Referral Code:

Please make sure you have added my referral code: ERIN00293 under the tab 'my account' in the VIPKid teaching portal. I am happy to help you through the hiring process! If you have already applied without a referral code you can still add my code by taking the steps mentioned above.  This must be done prior to doing your mock class interview.


Once you have added me as your referral please email me and introduce yourself! I am excited to meet you! 


Be sure to check out these tricks and tips to help you nail your interview/demo. Click HERE!

Are you ready to start your VIPKid journey?

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If you have questions please send me an email at: