The Certification Center

Congratulations! You've passed the initial interview phase of your hiring journey! You will now be directed to the Certification Center where you will find all of the teacher preparation materials needed to get you ready for your next interview: the certification class, also known as the "mock class demo.

Teaching and Certification Class Preparation

The first thing you should do when entering the Certification Center is decide which levels you would like to teach for your certification class demo.  Once you pass and are hired as a VIPKid teacher, you will be certified to teach these levels. (You can certify for additional levels once you start teaching). 

There are 2 level options for your certification class:

Lower Level (Levels 2/3): 


These students are beginners or have some English proficiency.  These students generally are younger in age starting at 6 years old. Most bookings come from level 2 (or level 1, which you can certify for after you are hired). Your best chance for bookings is teaching level 2 so I highly recommend you certify for this level first. 

Lessons for Lower Level (you must prepare both for the mock):

1: "Ball"

2: "Kite & Doll"

Intermediate Level (Levels 4/5):

These students are upper level and usually have a better understanding and proficiency of the English language. These students are able to converse more freely with the teacher. These students are also more difficult to book. Many of them have regular teachers they have studied with for months or years. 

Lessons for Intermediate Level (you must be prepared to teach both for the mock demo):

1. My Country

2. Our Earth

Once you have decided which level you wish to certify for it's time to prepare for your certification class (mock class demo)! The Certification center provides you with all of the training materials you need to be a successful VIPKid teacher.  You will be guided through several training modules in the applicant portal. Read and study everything! Practice for your certification class! Ask your referral coach for help and & tips! 

Online Coaching (optional but recommended)

VIPKid offers free online coaching to all applicants to help prepare them for their certification class! This is an amazing opportunity (one I wish I had when I was hired). Coaching sessions are taught in a small group format and are led by a VIPKid teacher coach. Each session is approximately 2 hours long.  Sessions are categorized by lower or intermediate level. During these coaching sessions you will learn specific level teaching skills.  You will also have the chance to have live practice and feedback. This is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for your certification class! Spots are limited to be sure to RSVP by clicking the sign up link in the applicant portal (or contact me for questions). 

Certification Class (Mock Class Demo)

The certification class is a one-on-one interview with a live mentor.  It's similar to the live interview, except you will now have a mentor evaluate you instead of someone from the VIPKid office in Bejing.  Mentors are usually VIPKid teachers themselves so they are native English speakers, as well. It is also a 25 minute interview where you spend more time teaching. 

What To Expect:

The certification class demo is a 25 minute session. Teachers should be prepared to teach 2 lessons (provided by VIPKid). The mock class mentor will decide which lesson you will teach once the mock class has begun.


The certification class (mock class demo) consists of three steps:

1: Introduction & Questions


During this first step you will have 3 minutes get-to-know-you session with your mock class mentor. 

2:  Teach a Lesson 

You will then teach a 10 minute lesson to the mock class mentor.  He/She will pretend to act like a student with limited English language proficiency.  You will be evaluated on your teaching abilities, as well as the teaching methods provided in the teacher training materials (in the Certification Center), including TPR, eliminating incidental language, correcting the student, using supplemental teaching materials, etc.  Please refer to the Certification Center and carefully study all training materials provided. 

3: Feedback

Finally, you will spend the next 10-12 minutes receiving feedback from your mock class mentor.  He/She will give you their thoughts on your performance as a teacher, discuss your strengths and areas to improve upon, and allow you time to ask questions you might have. 

What Happens Next?

You should receive an email notified you if you passed the mock. You should receive the results and written feedback within 24 hours.  If you pass your contract will be unlocked! 


What Happens If I Fail My Certification Class?

If you fail your mock class you will be asked to schedule another certification class.  If this happens, please do not get discouraged! Many current VIPKid teachers have had to teach several certification classes before getting hired.  Don't give up! You may simply need to work on some areas of the feedback you were given and try again. It's great practice for actual teaching! Think of this as your training and practice before teaching an actual student! 


Once you have failed a certain number of times you will be asked to take a quiz before scheduling another class.  If this happens please refresh yourself with the teacher training modules in the Certification Center.

I passed! Now What?

Once you pass the certification class your contract will be unlocked for you to sign! Congratulations! You're hired!

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