Hiring Process

The VIPKid hiring process involves completing a basic online application form, as well as several stages of interviews and teaching demos. The entire process usually takes a couple of weeks and can be pretty intense. Don't let this discourage you! VIPKid is looking for the best teachers! 


Applicants pass through several stages before becoming VIPKid teachers. Let's review each stage!

Before You Begin

Before you get started make sure you meet the eligibility and technology requirements.

Also check out the FAQ section for tips on being prepared.

1.  Application

The first step to becoming a VIPKid teacher is to fill out and submit an online application, which includes your basic information, as well as your education and teaching experience.  It's a short and easy process, but super important that it be completed accurately in order to move on to the next step.

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2.  Interview & Demo

There are currently 4 options for the interview phase on your journey to becoming a VIPKid teacher:

Live Demo Lesson

Recorded Demo Lesson

Smart Demo Lesson 

Fast Pass Coaching Day


Each has their pros and cons.  Read more and choose which one is the right option for you.

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3.  Certification Center

Once you have passed the initial interview you will be sent to the certification center.  Here you will study all of the materials to learn about the VIPKid teacher curriculum, standards, and teaching practices. This is an important step to prepare for your mock class lesson. 

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4.  Mock Class

The mock class includes teaching a full-length class with a VIPKid teacher pretending to be a 5 year old student. Here you will certify to teach VIPKid courses and levels.

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5.  TESOL Course & Quiz

Once you've passed your mock lesson the hard part is done!  You're almost there! The the next step is taking the TESOL course and quiz. This is required of all VIPKid teachers unless you currently have a degree in education (though it is highly recommended that ALL VIPKid teachers take the course as it could help with your bookings).

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6.  Contract & Teacher Profile

You did it! The final step is signing your contract and uploading all required documentation.  You will also submit an intro video and 3 photos to create your online VIPKid teacher profile.

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Be sure to check out these tricks and tips to help you nail your interview/demo. Click HERE!

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