The Interview and Demo Lesson

Once you've passed the initial application screening phase it's time for your interview and demo lesson.  The interview is very important because, along with your qualifications, it will help determine whether or not you are a good fit.  This is your time to shine! It will also determine your initial salary so it's best to make a great first impression!

There are currently 4 options for your interview:

1. Live interview

2. Recorded demo lesson

3. Smart demo lesson

4. Fast Pass Coaching Day

Each option has both pros and cons.  Let's review each option.

1. Live Interview

The live interview consists of a brief 15-30 minute interview in the recruitment portal with an employee from VIPKid headquarters in China. 

What to Expect:

There are three parts to the Live Interview:

1. Introduction:


During the first stage of the live interview you will greet your interviewer - a VIPKid employee from the headquarters office in China! He/She will ask you questions about yourself to get to know you. During this Q and A session you may discuss where you're from, your educational background, your teaching, mentoring, coaching experience, etc. This is the time to build rapport with your interviewer and show what an asset you'll be to the company! 


2. Demo Lesson:


You will then teach a 5 minute demo lesson (provided by VIPKid) to the interviewer.  He/She will pretend to act like a 5-year old student with very limited knowledge of English.


3. Feedback


After the demo lesson you will be given feedback about your teaching - your strengths and areas of improvement.  If you pass the interview you will be offered a starting base salary. You will finish up the interview by asking any questions you may have. You will then be ready to schedule your mock class!

My Personal Experience:

When I was hired in May of 2018 I chose to do the live interview.  I felt like this was my chance to prove my teaching skills. I wanted the opportunity to "talk myself up" to my future employer. I also wanted a live person to teach to instead of pretending. I had a wonderful interview experience and gained some new insight about my teaching which prepared me for my mock class. In a live interview you are also able to ask questions to decide if this is the right job for you.


2. Recorded Demo

The recorded interview is similar to the live interview except instead of speaking to and teaching an actual person you record a lesson pretending to teach a student.  You will record the demo lesson at your own time for a VIPKid recruiter to evaluate.


What To Expect:


In the recorded demo you spend the first 5 minutes talking about yourself, then record a 5 minute lesson (provided by VIPKid) teaching to an imaginary student. 

This might be the option for you if you get very nervous talking to people or think you might need to re-do your lesson.  You get 3 chances to re-record your demo lesson if you feel that your first try didn't go well. Remember, with this option you will not have the opportunity to receive immediate feedback, nor will you be able to negotiate your pay because you will not speak to a live person. You will receive an email with feedback about your teaching.


3. Smart Demo Lesson

The smart interview is brand new as of May 2019. I'm excited about this option! The entire demo lesson is recorded on your smartphone using the VIPKid teacher mobile app! This is a great option for the tech savvy teacher who uses the smartphone for everything! You can complete the Smart Demo Lesson on your own time, and a VIPKid recruiter will review it and give you feedback.  It's a faster, simpler, more convenient, and self-paced interview. 

What To Expect:

The Smart Demo Lesson consists of three steps:

Step 1.  Finish a 5-question quiz that covers the key five aspects of being a VIPKid teacher: Lesson Objective, Repetition, Speaking Speed & Language, TPR, and Modeling.

Step 2.  Record your demo. A sample video and recording tips are provided to review before you record.

Step 3.  Receive your Analysis Report with quiz feedback and useful teaching materials.  You will receive an email with the next steps withing 24 hours after you submit your demo lesson.


4. Fast Pass Coaching Day

If you live in certain cities you can participate in a Fast Pass Coaching Day.  By attending this event you will skip the interview/demo stage and move on to the certification center for your certification class (mock class) demos.

What To Expect:

Fast Pass sessions last 3.5 hours and are run by experienced VIPKid teachers.  These coaches will show you how to navigate the application process, including demonstrating and helping you implement key teaching skills.  During the coaching session, you will schedule a certification class (mock class) for later in the week.  The certification class is the last stage of the application process!


Once you have submitted your application you can find a Fast Pass coaching session near you.  Fast Pass events are held every few weeks in 26 cities across North America.

Click this link to see if there is a Fast Pass coaching day event near you:


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