Acronyms for VIPKid Teachers

Check out this list of commonly used Acronyms for VIPKid teachers!

BIP - Booked Info Pending

BJT - Beijing Time

B&M - Brick and Mortar

CNY - Chinese New Year

ESL - English as a Second Language

FAS - Find A Star

FB - Feedback

FBP - Feedback Panda

FM - Fireman

GC - Grammar Class

GS - Google Slides

HO - Home Office

JCL - Junior Creator’s League

LP - Learning Partner

MC - Major Course

MCM - Mock Class Mentor

PB - Priority Booking

PP - Proper Pronunciation

PT - Peak Time

PPT - Peak Peak Time or Powerpoint Slides

S2A - Stars 2 Apples (app)

SE - System Error

SIT - Student IT

SN - Short Notice

SNS - Student No Show

TC - Trial Class

TESOL - Teaching English as a Second Language

TIT - Teacher IT

TNS - Teacher No Show

T2T - Teacher To Teacher Feedback

TPR - Total Physical Response

TPT - Teachers Pay Teachers

VAE - VIPKid Advanced English

VV - Voice of VIPKid

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