How To Use Digital Sticker Books and Stickers In The Classroom

If I were to name one incentive that has stood the test of time and is loved by all ages I would say stickers are the winner. Who doesn't love stickers? When I was a kid collecting stickers was ALL the rage! My friends and I would collect stickers in our sticker books, then spend hours looking at them, trading them, smelling them (hello, scratch and sniff), rearranging them in our books, etc. I still have one of my sticker books from my childhood!

My childhood sticker book!

Fast forward to 2020. I still love stickers. Kids love stickers! My students have always loved getting stickers.

Now they can collect them virtually with Digital Stickers and Sticker Books for Google Slides! Like paper stickers, digital stickers are wonderful motivators for students! They are easy to use and fun to collect! Use them for virtual learning or go paperless in your classroom and use them with your digital learning!

What Are Digital Stickers?

Digital stickers are simply image files that have been designed to look like regular paper stickers. All of my digital stickers are png image files that can be inserted into student assignments in Google Classroom or other learning platforms such as Seesaw. The images have a transparent background, allowing you to place them directly onto the work and appear the same as if you placed a paper sticker on the work.

Collect Digital Stickers in Digital Sticker Books

Students will love keeping all of their earned digital stickers in one place for them to look at and refer to throughout the year. Use digital sticker books to collect their stickers and keep them in one centralized place online. Digital Sticker Books are designed in Google Slides and are designed to mimic a real sticker book. Teachers can insert digital stickers into the sticker books or students can copy and paste them from their work.

Each sticker book includes 14 pages for collecting. As you click through the sticker book, the tabs move, just like you were turning pages!


How Do I Add Digital Stickers To The Sticker Books?

Here is a short tutorial video showing you how to insert digital stickers into the sticker books:

Another option is to create a Google Slides file that includes all of the digital stickers you would like to use in your classroom. Using the same steps as directed in the video, insert all of the digital stickers into the Google Slides file. Arrange them all onto a slide, sizing them to your liking. You can then copy the digital sticker and paste it into the student's sticker book.

Digital Sticker Charts

Digital sticker charts are another great way to collect digital stickers! These are similar to paper sticker charts, where you place a sticker onto a designated number or square. Sticker charts are great for students who need an organized visual of their stickers. These sticker charts include an editable goal section where you can assign a goal for each student or class. There is also an editable space to leave a special message to your student as they work toward their goal.

Grab some fun Digital Stickers for your classroom! Click on the image:

Click HERE to see all of my digital stickers and sticker books!


As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. I hope you all have a wonderful school year!

♥ Erin

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